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Why talk with a dead person? Why talk with a dead person who is a famous artist? My own conversations at Andy Warhol’s grave site over the past five years have revealed new ways of looking at life situations and my artwork. In this project I extended the experience to the public wondering who and why they visit Andy’s grave? What do they ask Andy? I am interested in knowing what happens when one believes Andy is listening.

The project began on February 9, 2009 and continues as visits to the gravesite documenting his tombstone as daily photographs, items left, notes written by visitors, and video shoots of people talking with Andy. Over past TWO years, Andy became a catalyst creating an energy revealing personal thoughts and feelings as well as reflecting the culture of the time. Andy has been an inspiration to me, a mentor, and an icon of art world success; but most important, he is a “figment” in my creative process.

In this project, the real blends with the imagined. That imaginary wonder or belief plays as bits and pieces or the figments in people’s thoughts, experiences, and memories.

Andy said, “I never understood why when you died, you didn’t just vanish, everything would just keep going only you just wouldn’t be there.”

I answer him now: “Andy, yes, everything is going on and you are still very much here in spirit.” Andy’s “spirit” elevates the ordinary to become worthy of contemplation or noticed as a significant symbol in our culture to understand more about ourselves. What we take from art and looking at things can also be a revelation in our own lives.

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